GyroBox on TV

The GyroBox team participated in the grand opening of the Entrepreneurial Center in Garching on May 6th 2015. Along with many VIPs, such as Ilse Aigner (minister of economic affairs) and Prof. Herrmann (president of Technische Universität Munich), came various press representatives. We were lucky to get some precious air-time on Sat1 Bayern (see link below) and an interview on ARD.

- 2015/05/06 - 17:30: "Forschungszentrum Garching: 6.000qm für neue Ideen", Sat1 Bayern

GyroBox' new home

Thanks to the Chair for Product Development at TUM we found a new home for our equipment in the chair's work shop. It's a nice large space, which is shared with other projects. In addition we were granted access to the Entrepreneurial Center's TechTalents Rooms, an awesome shared office space, where a community of enthusiasts works, develops, hacks, and supports each other's ideas. Make it happen!

Recent activities with GyroBox participation:

- 2015/05/06: Grand Opening of the Entrepreneurial Center in Garching
- 2015/05/05: Hack-at-Night #2
- 2015/04/30: Weekly Meeting #1
- 2015/04/28: Roboy Meet & Greet 2.0
- 2015/04/22: Hack-at-Night #1

Meet us

We invite you to come an visit us on public events and team meetings. Your next chance: Thursday, May 14th 2015, 19:00 at the Entrepreneurial Center in Garching.

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